Kitesurf Mastery:

Elevate Beyond Water Start to Next-Level Skills

Your progression lesson

Discover the ultimate kitesurf coaching experience designed to propel you beyond the basics and into advanced mastery, led by a certified IKO coach. Our specialized 90-minute sessions offer a personalized journey in the art of kitesurfing, tailored to your unique skill level and ambitions. Whether flying solo or teaming up with a friend, the cost remains the same, ensuring exceptional value and flexibility in your learning journey.

Equipped with cutting-edge bbtalkin radio helmets, our lessons bridge the gap between student and instructor, enabling real-time communication and instant feedback amidst the waves. This innovative tool, combined with video recording of your session, provides a comprehensive learning experience, allowing for post-lesson review and continuous skill refinement.

For those with personal gear, we encourage you to bring it along to maximize comfort and familiarity in your learning process. However, if you're in need of equipment, we've got you covered with a range of high-quality options available for an additional fee.

Safety and progress are our top priorities. Lessons are conducted in the minimum necessary wind conditions to ensure optimal learning environments. If the wind doesn’t cooperate, we'll reschedule to ensure your time on the water is both safe and conducive to your progression.

Each lesson kicks off with a thorough assessment of your current abilities and goals. From there, we craft a bespoke lesson plan with achievable milestones, ensuring a structured and effective path to kitesurfing excellence. Under the guidance of our certified IKO coach, you'll redefine your limits and transform your kitesurfing skills with expert coaching tailored just for you.

  • 90 min

  • IKO certification

  • 1 to 2 persons

  • rescue boat

  • Bbtalkin radio communication

  • Video recorded session

  • Taught by IKO Coach

10 reasons to progress with us

Certified Expertise

Learn from a certified IKO coach, ensuring professional, high-quality instruction tailored to your skill level

Flexible Booking

Whether solo or with a friend, the cost remains the same, offering flexibility and value.

Advanced Communication Tools

Benefit from bbtalkin radio helmets for clear, real-time communication with your coach, enhancing the learning experience.

Video Analysis

Have your sessions video-recorded to review and analyze your performance, accelerating your progress through visual feedback.

Customized Equipment Options

Use your own equipment for comfort and familiarity or rent from us to experience high-quality gear.

Safety First

Lessons are conducted in optimal wind conditions to ensure safety and maximize learning potential, with rescheduling options for unsuitable weather.

Personalized Progression

Start with an assessment of your current level and goals, followed by a tailored lesson plan with achievable objectives, ensuring a structured path to improvement.

Efficient Learning Timeline

With 90-minute sessions, learn and progress quickly without overwhelming your schedule.

Ideal Learning Conditions

Sessions are planned for the minimum necessary wind, focusing on quality learning time rather than battling unsuitable weather.

Post-Lesson Support

Gain insights and further advice from your coach using the video analysis to continue evolving your skills even after the lesson.

Hear From Our Clients

Check here all the reviews

Josiane Ruffa

The best school!

I am so happy I chose Kookproof to learn kitesurfing in Esposende. The team is extremely kind and flexible and will go a long way to make sure you get the most out of your stay. I was very lucky to have Bruno as an instructor. His patience, constant support and infectious enthusiasm helped me progress immensely in a very short time and feel the exquisite joy of riding in only 6 hours. I highly recommend this school, and Bruno's teaching!

Manuel Schaffer

Brussels, Belgium

Great school to learn, motivated instructors!

Kook Proof offers options for kite surfers of all levels. The instructors are very knowledgeable and put a lot of emphasis on safety. Lessons are always offered as private which allows you to make the most of your time. Can definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get first experiences with kitesurfing but also to surfers of all levels that want to improve their skills. The school has its own boat to take you to the kite surf beach (and back). All gear needed is provided. Booking process is easy (WhatsApp), if lessons cannot happen due to no wind you are informed in advance.

Mike Kranenburg Oegstgeest, Netherlands

5 day Kite from zero to hero

Very kind, capable instructors, much focus on safety, spot is perfect. Learned to kite in a professional and save manor. Perfect week, many thx & at the end of the week was able to sail safely and keep hight. From zero to hero ....!!

Igor Nisnevitch

Hamburg, Germany

Perfect start

I spent a week at kook proof and it was a very good decision to choose that camp. It was my first time surfing and I enjoyed every second of it. The instructors were very competent, patient and friendly. Also the wind was except of one day strong enough. I would strongly recommend the camp. Thank you for the amazing feel to surf the first time.

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