kitesurfing holidays portugal : here’s why!

Kitesurfing holidays portugal : this should be on your bucketlist…

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Kitesurfing Holidays Portugal

read why a kitesurfing holiday in portugal should be on your bucketlist…

Portugal is a destination that deserves the attention of a fast growing number of travellers. The coastline of Portugal has progressively become a European reference in terms of watersports and a paradise for kitesurfers from all over the world. Thousands of years of History, hundreds of kilometres of beautiful beaches and a Californian summer weather will assure you some great sportive holidays. So: a kitesurfing holiday in Portugal is a no brainer.

Located only 40 minutes away from Porto, the regional capital of the north of Portugal, Esposende is one of those places: a small fishermen’s town with a welcoming atmosphere, vivid nightlife, great vibes and everything you need for some great kitesurfing holidays in Portugal. The kitesurfing spot, located on the river in the middle of the Northern Littoral Natural Park, is only a boat ride away from the center of the town. Kitesurfers will enjoy flat waters and waves spot and the reliable conditions and great weather from late April to October, with steady and consistent winds.

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Esposende is a prime beachfront location for a kitesurfing holiday in Portugal

The natural features of Esposende gives this spot a uniqueness in all Europe for the practice of a great range of both on-land and nautical sports.

If you have a strong drive for intense moments and are open to building up some lifelong friendships outside your everyday life, you have all the good reasons to try this destination.

From the endless beach days, improving your kitesurf skills or learning new ones, to having dinner in the best local restaurants discovering the amazing Portuguese flavours. Toping that up with a night in the local renowned night clubs around, such as Pacha and Bib’Ofir, you have all the ingredients for some awesome kitesurfing holidays in Portugal.

Kitesurfing holidays in Portugal for Beginners:

We will teach you everything you need to get ready for the water. You will learn how to fly the kite, all the safety procedures and how to set up the equipment. This lesson is the first step in learning kitesurfing, and is intended for those who are new to the sport. For the beginning of the first session, we will stay on the beach, and then get progressively to the water along the tuition.

Kitesurfing holidays in Portugal for Intermediates:

In sessions of 3 hours, you will learn essential skills on your way to become an independent kitesurfer. Unless you’re completely new at this sport, you can book a progression lesson. Our teaching will be adapted to your level.

We never teach with more than two students per instructor, to ensure the quality of your lesson. All the equipment you need is included in the price of the lesson (wetsuit, harness, life-vest, etc.). Just bring suncream, bikini or board shorts and sunglasses.

Teaching the best and safest procedures to practice kitesurf is our objective. We aim to help you improve your riding and flying skills in order to practice kitesurfing in a safe way for you and others. For our kitesurf lessons, we have a limit of two students per instructor. That way, you are sure to get quality time with your instructor. Also, all our instructors are IKO certified (International Kitesurfing Organisation).

Both beginners and intermediates / advanced kitesurfers are able to have a great kitesurfing holiday in Portugal.

All the activities you want – kitesurfing holidays in Portugal tip #1

Kookproof’s kitesurfing holidays Portugal tip 1: Esposende is a great location for adventurous travellers seeking for outdoor activities in a relaxing environment, nested by the Atlantic shore and surrounded by nature. The uniqueness of Esposende comes from its interaction between the Cávado river estuary, its lagoon and its dune system, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Incorporated in the Northern Littoral Natural Park, the shallow and flat waters of the lagoon allow premium conditions for kitesurfing lessons and paddle adventures, in a safe and idyllic environment with an experienced team. Offshore on the ocean side, an outside reef slows down the Atlantic swells in some of the beaches, creating perfect conditions for surfing in a beautiful scenario along uncrowded sandy beaches with a variety of more or less exposed spots, suitable for every level of surfers.

In land, the richness of this location allows everyone to enjoy multiple experiences of very different sports like mountain bike trails, yoga sessions, canyoning, horseback riding, wake boarding and much more, always in some stunning landscapes.

If you feel less sporty and feel like visiting the region, the proximity of Esposende with two of the most emblematic cities of Portugal will give you the opportunity to travel back in time while exploring medieval sites and discover the legacy of Porto and Guimarães and their world heritage historical center.

Other Activities – kitesurfing holidays in Portugal tip #2

Kookproof’s Kitesurfing holidays Portugal tip 2: Apart from kitesurfing, there are many other things to do in Esposende. During the calm mornings, try surfing or stand up paddling in the river. Improve your wakeboard skills at the cable park, go canyoning or just rent a bike and discover the area. If you just want to relax, that’s perfectly fine too! Read a book on the beach or join us for a beach-volley-ball game.

Food & Drinks – kitesurfing holidays in Portugal tip #3

Kookproof’s Kitesurfing holidays Portugal tip 3: Discover the traditional local gastronomy in one of the many restaurants around town. Esposende offers amazing food that will most likely exceed your expectations. Locally produced meat and fish are on the menu, and even the hungriest kitesurfers will be satisfied.

Nightlife – kitesurfing holidays in Portugal tip #4

Kookproof’s Kitesurfing holidays Portugal tip 4: In a mix of old an young, classic, modern and very genuine, a night out can become anything you want. Unravel life’s mysteries of Porto wines and whiskeys and travel in time with pirate Captain Sergio in his mythical bar Fôjo or dance until sunrise with up to 5000 people in one of Europe’s first Pacha nightclub.
Did anyone said foam party? Enjoy the summer nights at Bib’Ofir, where an entire nightclub is set in the backyard of an abandoned hotel, making over 2000 people dance together under the stars every night.
Not in a dancing mood? Just sit down, relax, and enjoy a refined gin and tonic at Vermelhinho Cafe, a place for true gin lovers. And don’t worry, all of this is in a walking or biking distance from the center of Esposende.


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