Kitesurf Lessons for beginners

What do we do in the kitesurf lessons from the start?

We will start from the very beginning teaching you all from recognizing the best place to practice to riding with confidence.
We follow the IKO teaching plan that guides your learning in simple steps to build your knowledge from zero to hero.
We will introduce you to the sport of kitesurfing, and you’ll learn how to set up, fly and use the safety systems of the kite on land and then on the water. You’ll learn how to use your body to drag on the water and then learn how to put the board on your feet before jumping on the board and doing your first meters.

The lessons are scheduled according to the forecast and the availability of the students. All the lessons are private, so you will have the full attention of your kitesurf instructor.

No previous experience is necessary. However, you need to know how to swim and be comfortable on the water. We will provide all equipment.


minutes of pure fun


  • Kite

    The kites needed with diferent sizes

  • Bar

    The bar that commands the kite

  • wetsuit

    Wetsuit if needed

  • Harness

    So we can hold you

  • Helmet

    To make sure you are protected

  • Life vest

    To make sure you float

We recommend you bring

  • Towel

    To dry after the session or shower

  • Sunscreen

    To protect you from the sun

  • Water

    To stay hidrated

  • Sunglasses

    It’s sunny and makes you look cool

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