Center Services

Boat transfers, rescue boat, equipment storage and more…

Center Services

Give some love to your gear…


If your board is too big to bring on the airplane or if you need another size of kite, we can help you out. We have top of the line equipment waiting for you in our shop. You can also rent surfboards, paddle boards, wetsuits and harnesses if you wish.


Equipment storage: At our center, you can rinse and wash the salt and sand from your gear after your session. If you are staying nearby, we offer storage options to keep your equipment safe and dry overnight. These are the details that make your session complete, our bonus to you.

Kite repair: Sometimes accidents happen, we know. If your equipment break, chances are big that we can help you out. We have experience and contacts to repair anything kite or board related, it comes with running a school.

What we repair: Kite canopy / leading edge and dacron / bladder and valves / lines / ding repair on boards, both twintip and surf / general MacGyvering with bars and boards.


Join us across the river!
During the summer season, we operate two boats. The first one is a shuttle-boat which will transport you from the Activity Center to the kitesurfing spot. The second one is our rescue-boat. It is permanently staged on the spot and always ready to rescue kitesurfers in difficulty.


When you have been on the windy beach all day, whats better than a warm shower? Our changing room offers 6 showers, 3 for the ladies and 3 for the men. Get into your wetsuit before you head to the beach or get rid of all sand and salt after a long day. Forgot your shampoo? Don’t worry, we have some.

Bleh… skip the words… show me the real stuff please!


we help you out!

Center services – 20€/day or 100€/week

Boat transfers to the beach, rescue-boat service, equipment storage, hot shower and gear cleaning.


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Urgent questions that cannot wait?

No problem, just send us a message, and you’ll hear from us as soon as we’re back from the beach!

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