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an old ancient history with many hidden treasures…


A privilege of nature

The old fishermen’s town of Esposende may seem calm and quiet at a first, but a closer look will reveal many treasures for anyone passionate of water sports and outdoors activities. Flat waters, steady winds, waves spots, vivid nightlife and genuine gastronomy are just a few of them.

With over 14km of natural coastline, it is a particularly privileged area, with some of the best beaches in the North of Portugal. Foz do Rio Cávado, Apúlia and Ofir provide a unique beauty to the region, where all the beaches are protected and part of the Northern Littoral National Park.
The gastronomy of Esposende is rich of a great maritime influence, with emphasis on the bass baked in the oven, mullet, flounder, lamprey and of course, fresh locally caught seafood, all watered down with local wines from the north of Portugal.

However, during the summer months of July and August, Esposende transforms into one of Southern Europe’s premiere location and best kept secrets. This is where the youthful and cool people of Portugal, Spain and France come to party and take their vacations. The cool thermal winds and hot summer sun turns Esposende into a perfect recipe for both kitesurfers and sun worshipers.

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